Below are some kind words from clients. I would love to do the same for you!

“Pat has been so helpful for my start up business. Before I met Pat, I was constantly having technology issues of one sort or another – Mac, iphone or ipad. I would often find myself in a state of panic and out of necessity come up with some sort of a Bandaid to my tech issue and limp along until the issue would resurface – often very soon after I had applied the Bandaid. Because of the technology chaos in my life, I seemed to always be in a state of technology stress. As if the every day stress of a start-up business is not stressful enough!

I can truly say that my technology stress is greatly reduced. With Pat’s help, technology issues that have been going on for years are now being properly managed. In addition, it is wonderful to know that if problems arise in the future, I have someone on my team that I know is reliable and can help me fix the problem. She has been a Godsend.”

— Lynn Rovelstad, I Made it! Glass, San Rafael, CA

“I couldn’t find my photos when I wanted them and they seemed to get less and less organized as I added to my stash. When I tried to import my 10,000 or so photos to a new software program and  only 7 imported, I knew I had a problem that I couldn’t tackle on my own.

Thankfully, I found Digital Chaos Control. Patricia has the ability to explain the digital world in understandable terms.  Not only did she easily import all my photos, she more importantly helped me understand the how and why of my situation and how to prevent a recurrence of the mess I had created. She helped me develop a photo organizing strategy and a system that I can use to maintain, keep, find and back up those and future, precious photos.

If you find yourself in need of digital organization and  peace of mind that your digital treasures will be yours forever, I can recommend Digital Chaos Control.”

— Elizabeth Ross, San Jose, CA

“Pat had her job cut out for her when she encountered chaos beyond imagination in my ancient computer. As an email and download hoarder, with only a tiny bit of (mostly arbitrary) organization of any of my files and the technological skills of a not very bright kindergartner, plus an internet connection that rivaled the speed of a snail on Valium (did I mention my severe anxiety with all things technical?), I am pretty sure I am any digital organizers worst nightmare!

In addition to being highly skilled with her technical and organizational skills, Pat was always so calm, patient and encouraging. She was extremely flexible for me regarding scheduling and went WAY MORE than the proverbial extra mile with me. If digital chaos reigns in your computer, I highly recommend that you call Pat!”

— Michelle Simonson, Sparks & Leaps, Fairfax, CA

“Pat was an immense help in sorting out the digital chaos I had created because I didn’t understand the systems I was using, nor how to coordinate them. With clear explanations and immense patience, she untangled the chaos by teaching and showing me how all the pieces fit together and worked. Because of her help I have so much more confidence in using and exploring my Mac, Macbook Air (laptop) and iPhone to further learn what the four of us can do together!”

— Cindy Johnson, UUFRC, Redwood City, CA

“Pat helped me so much with my digital chaos. I had a computer that was just about full with photos and music and such. It was moving very slow. She helped me get my data moved to where it needed to be to free up space. My computer is now working so much better. I have free space on my computer. I thought that I knew a little about computers, but for some reason this was too complicated for me. It was causing chaos and stress. Pat continued working on my computer until it was working well. She is awesome. Thanks Pat.”

— Sage Conner, Memphis, TN

“Pat immediately understood my need to make sense of our photo collections, which were spread across multiple devices, in the hands of several family photographers. She was careful to back up all data prior to beginning.  She patiently explained how to start the process and then most importantly, how to maintain my library. She followed up with me via e-mail after our session and was responsive to my questions. I value her expertise and highly recommend her technical services.”

— Adrienne Heist, San Carlos, CA

“Patricia’s technical knowledge and intuitive understanding of my needs enabled me to create order with my digital files and photos. I can now relax because my data is backed up and I can find what I need. Thank you, Patricia!”

— Connie Walikonis, San Carlos, CA

“Pat was a lifesaver when I upgraded to a new Macintosh and new Internet service. Her prompt and expert help got me back online with my email straightened out in no time at all. Her calm approach soothed my frustration and made the whole experience a positive one. I would highly recommend her to bring order to your digital life.”

— Joanne McMahon, Millbrae, CA

“Pat came to help me with our iTunes and computer back-up.  She was a patient problem solver and I’m much happier with the organization of our iTunes Library now.  If you want an IT expert who listens well and responds to your needs, I highly recommend her.”

— Beth Harrison, San Carlos, CA

“Pat was a big help to me when I retired and had to create a personal email account. She helped me to install and to set up an email reader. She set up my backup and advised me on new technology. Pat is very knowledgeable, organized and patient. She explains things clearly and made it all very easy for me. I highly recommend her to anyone needing help with any kind of technology.”

— Bill Welch, San Mateo, CA