Google Inbox User? How to Use Email Templates for Fast and Efficient Responses.

It takes time to get through your daily emails. Even if you follow good email organization (see my blog post here: 4 Steps to Becoming More Responsive), it’s time-consuming to read and respond to emails.
If you find yourself responding in a similar way to certain emails, then you can use Google Inbox canned responses or email templates for higher efficiency.
Let’s say, for example, you get a lot of requests for information that you have to research. […]

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If You Snooze (Email), You Don’t Lose (Your Follow-up Tasks)

Staying on top of email chaos is not easy.
Even after you’ve followed the steps to manage your email inbox (see my blog post here: 4 Steps to Becoming More Responsive), you still need to “deal with” those emails that need a follow-up task. How do you make sure that you get those done, and that they don’t get lost in the daily shuffle?

There may be email invitations to meetings or events or lunch and you […]

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4 Steps for a Stress-Free Email Management System

It can be stressful to see your Inbox growing out of control. There is also an increased risk of missing important email correspondence. It’s no longer possible to treat your inbox like it’s a to-do list that keeps growing and growing.
The first step towards productive email management is to identify your goals.
For most of us, it means:

Not missing important emails
Not having to spend hours of our time picking out the important emails
Quickly […]

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Internet Safety: How to Connect with the World and Still Feel Safe

Most of us do a lot of reading on social media. We read news on Twitter, we follow celebrities and politicians (want ideas on who to follow? Here’s a list of some of the most-followed on Twitter), we see trends and updates from friends in our Facebook newsfeeds.

We can be passive readers, or we can be actively engaging by liking, commenting, and sharing. It’s more fun to engage, and it helps us to build our […]

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Social Media Engagement – What does it mean for Your Business?

Are you not getting the level of social media engagement that you’d like to see?
You’ve gone through the trouble of create a Facebook business page (if not, read this: How to Create a Facebook Business Page). You’re trying to post to it regularly, but to what end?

Perhaps you’ve been told to post twice/day to increase social media engagement. That’s a hard standard to keep up. Is it really necessary? Should you be focusing on more […]

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Who Else Hates Grocery Shopping and Longs for a Personal Shopper?

My husband likes a certain kind of bread that not all grocery stores carry. My son likes a certain kind of cookie. Some things consumed a lot in our house are better bought in bulk. (For us, peanut butter, maple syrup, and loose tea.)

If you have a Costco near you, and you don’t mind grocery shopping in a warehouse, you can schedule your trips to buy bulk goods. For more specialty items, you can shop […]

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“OK Google Home. How Can You Make My Work and My Life Easier?”

Using your voice to give commands to a computer once seemed like science fiction. Remember Hal from the Space Odyssey?
We’ve been able to talk to our phones for a while now, using Siri or Google Assistant.
Since Windows 10 and Cortana, we can talk to our PCs as well. And with MacOS Sierra adding Siri support, we can now talk to all of our Apple devices.

But why be tethered to a device? Now there’s the Amazon […]

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Here’s an Easy and Efficient Way to Manage Projects and Daily Tasks

Are you a visual thinker? Are you someone who likes to keep your calendar in front of you and your daily tasks on post-its around your desk?
Digital task managers are much more efficient than paper for daily tasks.

You can have your to-do list with you on your mobile device and check off your tasks throughout the day.
You can assign tasks to others.
You can create calendar reminders.
You can prioritize daily tasks.

Many organizations […]

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Who Else Wants Digital Photo Organization to be Easy and Automatic?

Most of us have a lot of digital photographs – so many that we are not taking the time to look through them and organize them. The problem is that when you want to go back and find photos, you might find yourself in a time-consuming and frustrating search.
Many people don’t have the time or the inclination to do a lot of photo organization.
I strongly believe that automating tasks as much as possible is the way […]

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How use Valentine’s Day Ecards to Spread the Love and Do Good

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Doh! Did you forget to buy cards and send them?
It’s too late to send cards now, so it may be time to look into Valentine’s Day ecards.
Ecards have waned in popularity, but they’re still an efficient, eco-friendly way to let that special someone know that you’re thinking of him/her/them. And many ecard services now allow you to email, text, or Facebook message a greeting.

Here are some of the more popular services:

Hallmark – $5/month
JibJab […]

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