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My experience with both computers and management makes me uniquely qualified to help you manage your digital life. We’ll start with a free one-hour phone consultation so that I can understand your systems and your needs, and then we’ll agree on a plan to address those needs. At the completion of our plan, you’ll be well on the way to understanding and managing your digital life.

Here’s an Easy Way to Get Those Important Emails Texted to You


It’s difficult to stay on top of email volume for anyone. The best method for dealing with too many emails may depend on your personality type as time management specialist Susan Tollefson writes about here: 4 Email Management Styles.

You may or may not fall into one of those categories. You may also be someone who prefers other communication methods. After all, email management is something that you need time and a routine to deal with. […]

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6 Tips for Email Hoarders and Anyone Else with Too Many Emails

How many emails do you have in your Inbox? A few? A few hundred? A few thousand?
If the latter, then you may be one of those email hoarders.
Perhaps you think that you may need to reference those old emails someday. Or perhaps you’re keeping many of them because you want to go back and deal with them when you have more time.

It hasn’t been a problem so far. You’ve got old emails going back […]

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How You Run Your Inbox Is How You Run Your Life – by Jenna Teague

Here’s a (potentially scary) question for you…

        What would someone learn about you if they took a peek inside your inbox?

        Would it give them an accurate picture of who you are?

What if I told you that how you run your inbox reveals even more about you than what’s inside it?

You may have heard this famous quote from Martha Beck:

        “The way we do anything is the way we […]

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How to Politely Follow up When You’re Not Getting an Email Response

Follow-up is important for business and for getting things done.
I write here about integrating your follow-up routine with your daily tasks: 3 Simple Paths to a Powerful Follow-Up Routine.
But what if you’re feeling shy about following up on an initial email that got no response?
You’re wondering why that person didn’t respond to you. Are you bugging that person if you follow up?

Lack of follow-up on your part can cause you to lose […]

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Managing your Browser Tabs: 4 Simple Ways for Multitaskers

There are many styles and personality types when working with technology.
Are you someone who composes emails but doesn’t send them right away? Do you have lots of applications running at the same time? Do you have lots of browser tabs open?
You may be a multitasker.
Apart from other reasons to rein in your multi-taking tendencies (read here for tips: Tricks That’ll Stop You from Multitasking), there is a technical reason that this style can […]

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4 Email Management Styles – by Susan Tollefson

Did you know that everyone has their own personal email management style? Your style has a strong influence on your approach to managing your email. So it’s helpful to understand those influences and take them into consideration to maximize your productivity.

There are 4 common email management styles. Find the one that best describes you to gain some insight on how you can get things done more efficiently.
Style #1: Losing focus and trouble finishing your email […]

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Google Inbox User? How to Use Email Templates for Fast and Efficient Responses.

It takes time to get through your daily emails. Even if you follow good email organization (see my blog post here: 4 Steps to Becoming More Responsive), it’s time-consuming to read and respond to emails.
If you find yourself responding in a similar way to certain emails, then you can use Google Inbox canned responses or email templates for higher efficiency.
Let’s say, for example, you get a lot of requests for information that you have to research. […]

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If You Snooze (Email), You Don’t Lose (Your Follow-up Tasks)

Staying on top of email chaos is not easy.
Even after you’ve followed the steps to manage your email inbox (see my blog post here: 4 Steps to Becoming More Responsive), you still need to “deal with” those emails that need a follow-up task. How do you make sure that you get those done, and that they don’t get lost in the daily shuffle?

There may be email invitations to meetings or events or lunch and you […]

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4 Steps for a Stress-Free Email Management System

It can be stressful to see your Inbox growing out of control. There is also an increased risk of missing important email correspondence. It’s no longer possible to treat your inbox like it’s a to-do list that keeps growing and growing.
The first step towards productive email management is to identify your goals.
For most of us, it means:

Not missing important emails
Not having to spend hours of our time picking out the important emails
Quickly […]

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Internet Safety: How to Connect with the World and Still Feel Safe


Most of us do a lot of reading on social media. We read news on Twitter, we follow celebrities and politicians (want ideas on who to follow? Here’s a list of some of the most-followed on Twitter), we see trends and updates from friends in our Facebook newsfeeds.

We can be passive readers, or we can be actively engaging by liking, commenting, and sharing. It’s more fun to engage, and it helps us to build our […]

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